About Antionette

Antionette van der Gryp

An Author for Adventurous Women


Antionette van der Gryp, grew up on an African farm, surrounded by guns, danger, and wilderness. Her adventurous spirit persisted even after she left the wild behind. Following a stint at university, where formal education attempted to civilize her, she embarked on a writing journey. Currently residing in the UK with her husband and two children, Antionette’s restless heart keeps her wondering where she’ll be in the coming year.

Intriguingly, her experiences seem to echo through her work. One of her books, Human, has garnered positive reviews and showcases her unique perspective on life and adventure. It’s fascinating how an author’s personal journey can shape the worlds they create in their stories.

Note: Antionette van der Gryp’s adventurous background adds depth to her writing, making her work all the more captivating.