The World of Human


After disappearing for ten years, Vin Montgomery returns home to Jericho, and she has a plan. No one will stand in her way, not even Matthew. If only resisting him was as easy in real life as in her head.

Matthew never expected to see Vin again. Maybe that is why he just can’t trust her now. He just had to find out why she was back because it clearly wasn’t for her to reunite with him.

Manning came to Jericho with the rebels as their computer guy, but that doesn’t mean he is their slave or anything. He has his own mind and Vin better not think he will jump when she says so, even though she saved his life a long time ago.

Ryan, the long-lost Washington brother returns to Jericho just after Vin arrives. Clearly, Matthew still can’t stand him; honestly, he isn’t a fan of the great General Matthew Washington either. Maybe Jericho isn’t for him after all.


Jericho, a military community hiding in a vast cave system.

Moler Town, a community hiding deep in a network of tunnels within Jericho where a criminal element rules.

The Creatures

Gaders are the genetically engineered creatures against which humanity has been fighting for eighty years.